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Residence Permit in Oman

Residence Permit in Oman

Foreign nationals who wish to obtain an Omani residence permit will need a documented motive for stay, such as employment. While Oman allows the nationals of 103 countries to enter visa-free and remain up to 14 days, those who wish to move to Oman will need to acquire the right to become residents.

Company formation in Oman can also be a reason for a foreign national to relocate and obtain a permit for a medium to long-term stay, followed by an Oman residence card. For those interested in staying in the country, the Omani IQAMA is essential. The IQAMA is the residence permit issued to foreign nationals living in Saudi Arabia, however, the term has been popularized and can be used in a broader sense to define the residence permit issued by other countries in the region, which also include Oman.

Long-term stays in Oman

The purpose of stay is the one that dictates the type of permit a foreign national is issued. As far as visas are concerned (for those who cannot enter Oman without this document obtained from an Embassy), these can be issued when the applicant is sponsored or unsponsored.

Two of the most common reasons for applying for what can be seen as the Omani IQAMA are employment and investment.

The visas that are not issued for tourist purposes, such as the property owner visa, have different validity periods, however, the holder will need to apply for a residence permit in Oman once he/she obtains this initial visa. You can read below more about this first-time application for a residence card. Below, our team highlights the conditions for the property owner visa:

  • it is issued to foreign nationals who own a housing unit in an approved tourist complex;
  • the length of stay conferred by the visa is two years;
  • the visa can be used for multiple entries only after residency is granted;
  • the holder of the visa will need to use it (enter Oman) within 6 months of its issue date.

Foreign nationals interested in immigration to Oman in 2024 should keep in mind the following essential steps: they need to apply for a suitable visa type (for medium to long-term stays), and then they need to be granted an Omani residence permit.

If you have questions about your rights, our lawyers in Oman can answer your questions concerning residency and the ability to have your family members join you in the country while you reside here.

The first-time residence card

Every foreign national will need not only to have a permit that allows him or her to remain in Oman for medium to long-term purposes but also a residence card.

The Omani residence card is obtained within 30 days from the date of entry into the country and it is issued based on a set of supporting documents. The applications are only submitted in person in 2024.

The documents needed for the issuance of a first-time residence card in Oman are the following:

  • the application form;
  • original passport;
  • original copies issued by the Ministry of Labour after the medical examination;
  • a letter from the employer.

The documents are submitted to the Royal Oman Police Registrar and, after approval, the foreign national collects his/her residence card which will prove the right to have an Omani residence permit.

The following relevant fees should also be taken into account when applying in 2024:

  • a fee of RO 6 (aprox.15 EUR) for a one-year period;
  • RO 11 (approx. 27 EUR) for two years;
  • RO 10 (approx. 25 EUR) as a penalty for each month of delay in applying for the card.

Please note that these fees can be subject to change by the Royal Oman Police. We advise new applicants to reach out to us if they are interested in Oman immigration for complete information.

Oman population statistics

Our team presents below a set of statistical data concerning Oman’s population:

  • The total population was estimated at 5,164,000 in January 2024;
  • The total number of expatriate workers was 1.8 million in December 2023;
  • The total number of tourists coming to the Sultanate in 2022 was 2,920,000;
  • According to data from 2022, the population density in Oman was 15.9 persons /km2;
  • The percentage of Omanis (out of the total population, data for 2022) was 58.1%;
  • The percentage of Omanis working in the private sector (various institutions) out of the total number of employees was 21.9% in 2022.

Do you want to relocate to Oman? We assist those who are interested in seeking employment, as well as those interested in setting up a company in Oman. Contact us for complete information about our services.