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Immigrate to Oman

Immigrate to Oman

Foreign nationals who wish to immigrate to Oman will need to apply for a suitable visa category.

Our immigration consultants in Oman can assist foreign nationals from any country who wish to enter Oman for long-term purposes.

Visitors from 103 countries are exempt from the requirement to obtain a visa for entry into the country, however, this exemption only applies for stays of up to 14 days and it is not suitable for longer stays, compatible with the intention to move to Oman.

Examples of countries that are subject to the visa exemption include EU countries, Australia, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Ukraine, Panama, Russia, or Vietnam.

We remind those interested that citizens of the GCC countries do not need a visa to enter Oman.

If you wish to know more about the process to immigrate to Oman, please feel free to contact our Omani lawyer.

Visa types

There are two main categories of visas available to foreign nationals who wish to move to Oman: resident sponsored and unsponsored.

Travelers can also apply for a visit sponsored or unsponsored visa, however, this is not suitable for residency purposes.

Determining the right type of visa that will suit one’s needs is the first step for those who wish to immigrate to Oman. We list the main categories below:

  • Property owner: for those who own a housing unit in an approved tourist complex; our Oman immigration specialists can assist you if you are interested in this type of visa;
  • Student: for study purposes, for those who have been accepted to an approved educational institution;
  • Employment: for sponsored workers in Oman; our  immigration consultants in Muscat can give you more details about the employment requirements;
  • Housemaid: residency for a sponsored domestic worker (woman), subject to conditions;
  • Family: visa for a relative of an Omani national or the relative of a foreign resident in the country; the Oman family visa processing time should be taken into account when applying for this type of visa.

The holder of the property owner visa (a foreign national who owns a housing unit) can be joined by his first-degree family members.

Our immigration consultants in Oman can also give you details about the employment visa with endorsee.

If you need more details, including specific ones such as the Oman family visa processing time, you can reach out to our lawyers for personalized information.

Foreign entrepreneurs who are interested in company formation in Oman can contact us for complete services.

Additional requirements for Oman immigration

The visa application includes both a number of standard documents, as well as visa-specific ones. We list some of the most important documents below:

  • Valid passport (valid for at least 6 months prior to entry to Oman);
  • A digital photograph and a copy of the passport;
  • Proof of visa fee payment (OMR 50,000 for the property owner’s visa, non-refundable);
  • Medical certificate approved by the Ministry of Health (only for certain foreign citizens);
  • Documents according to the type of visa: such as the title deed to the property and a letter from the developer of the integrated tourist complex in which the foreign investment was made.

Our Oman immigration specialists list the residence visa validity time and application fee for some of the types of visas:

  • Property owner: 2 years; OMR 50,000 visa fee;
  • Employment: 2 years in most cases; visa fee of OMR 20,000;
  • Family: 2 years; OMR 30,000 visa fee in some cases (a special category of the family visa does not include a fee);
  • Student: 3 months, 1 year, 2 years; visa fee of OMR 20,000.

Our immigration consultants in Muscat can give you complete details about a certain visa type before you apply.

Working with our local Omani lawyer allows you to understand the applicable requirements, as well as the post-arrival steps.

Contact us if you want to immigrate to Oman.