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Immigrate to Oman from the USA

Immigrate to Oman from the USA

If you want to immigrate to Oman from the USA, you will need a resident-sponsored/ unsponsored visa. Tourist visas for American citizens interested in entering Oman are also available, however, for the purpose of relocation, a resident visa is required.

Our lawyers in Oman can facilitate the resident visa application process so that you can focus on the important task of settling your affairs before you move to Oman. You can rely on our assistance during the application process for complete information about the required documents.

If you are ready to take the first steps to move to Oman from the USA, read this article and contact us for assistance as needed.

What are the Omani visa types?

If your goal is to immigrate to Oman, you will need to apply for a resident visa. The visit sponsored or unsponsored visa is also available, however, it is issued for tourism purposes in most cases.

Below, our team lists the main types of sponsored resident visas:

  • student visa: when accepted by an Oman educational institute;
  • spouse visa: for the foreign spouse of an Omani citizen;
  • family joining visa: for the relative of a foreign resident in Oman;
  • employment visa: form an American who intends to move to Oman from the USA as a sponsored worker;
  • the investor visa: for a foreign national who will reside in Oman as an investor. These are issued for different time periods according to their sub-type.

You can also apply for the unsponsored resident visa if you want to immigrate to Oman from the USA and are able to purchase property in Oman in a housing unit or in an approved tourist complex in Oman.

What documents do I need to apply for a resident visa?

The following documents are relevant to American citizens who apply for a sponsored employment visa when the applicant has a commercial sponsor:

  • a valid passport and a digital photograph;
  • a copy of the passport and the labor permit issued by the Ministry of Manpower;
  • a copy of the approval issued by the authority governing the respective industry;
  • medical fitness certificate (only for some foreign nationals), and other documents could be required in the case of the individual who will relocate to Oman from the USA.

For this type of visa, applicants should know that:

  • he/she must be at least 21 years of age at the time of the application;
  • it is valid for 2 years and it can be renewed every two years;
  • the current visa application fee is OMR 20,000;
  • entry into Oman is not guaranteed by visa alone; this remains at the discretion of the Royal Omani Police;
  • once the visa holder is granted residency under the visa, he or she can use it for multiple entries into Oman;
  • the visa applicant cannot have another current Oman visa.

Our immigration lawyers in Oman can give you more personalized information once you reach out to us with initial information about your situation and your reason for relocating to the country.

How can you help me relocate to Oman from the USA?

We offer ongoing assistance to immigrants, starting with the very first steps needed to apply for the chosen resident visa. We advise and guide American applicants on choosing the sub-type that suits their needs, followed by offering complete information on the documents they need to provide, as well as how to submit them.

As needed, and on a case-by-case basis, we also offer post-arrival assistance for the registrations and submissions the foreign national will be asked to make once he/she has entered the country.

As part of our services, our experts also offer solutions for company formation in Oman.

Contact our lawyers in Oman for complete information about our immigration assistance, as well as if you have questions about our list of services for companies and individuals.