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Citizenship in Oman

Citizenship in Oman

Obtaining citizenship in Oman is a complex process, granted through specific pathways, and applicants must meet various requirements. Our lawyers in Oman specialize in immigration issues and can help you understand the process to make your Omani citizenship application successful.

Omani Nationality Law

The Omani Nationality Law outlines the rules and regulations related to Omani citizenship and the eligibility criteria for individuals seeking to become citizens. The law provides different pathways for individuals to acquire citizenship in Oman, including by birth, marriage to an Omani citizen, and naturalization. It also outlines specific eligibility criteria for each pathway, such as parentage for citizenship by birth, conditions for foreign spouses to acquire citizenship by marriage, and requirements for naturalization. The Nationality Law also provides guidance referring to Omani citizenship by descent.

The Nationality Law also provides details about dual citizenship in Oman. The country does not allow dual citizenship unless granted by the Royal Decree issued by the Sultan.

Our immigration lawyers in Oman are familiar with the Nationality Law and will ensure your application aligns with the requirements in 2024.

Omani citizenship by naturalization

Foreigners can obtain citizenship in Oman through a process known as naturalization. The requirements for this process include:

  • Foreigners must have resided in Oman for a specific period, which is generally at least 20 years continuously. However, there is an exception where the residency requirement is reduced to 15 years if the foreigner is married to an Omani woman, and their marriage was approved by the Ministry of Interior. Short trips outside of Oman (up to 60 days a year) do not interrupt the continuous residency period.
  • Applicants must be fluent in reading and writing the Arabic language.
  • Foreigners must demonstrate good character, and not have been convicted for any serious crimes, particularly those related to trust or honor, even if they were later proven innocent.
  • For Omani citizenship, individuals should be in good health and not suffering from contagious diseases.
  • Applicants must have a legitimate and stable source of income.

Moreover, we remind applicants are not allowed to have dual citizenship in Oman and, therefore must renounce their other citizenship. If you plan to move to Oman, it is advisable to consult immigration specialists, to respect all requirements.

Omani citizenship by descent

One can obtain Omani citizenship by descent under certain conditions:

  • If an individual’s father had Omani citizenship at the time of birth, he/she is considered an Omani national;
  • If an individual’s mother was an Omani national at the time of his/her birth, while his/her father was an Omani, but became stateless, the individual is considered an Omani national;
  • If an individual’s mother was a non-Omani citizen at the time of his/her birth, while his/her father was an Omani, but became stateless. The parents’ marriage must have been previously approved by the Ministry of Interior for the individual to obtain Omani citizenship by descent;
  • If an individual’s mother was an Omani national at the time of birth, but paternity was not confirmed, the individual is still considered an Omani national;
  • If an individual is born in Oman, but the parents are unknown, the individual is considered an Omani national.

Therefore, Omani citizenship by descent depends on the citizenship status of someone’s parents at the time of birth and the circumstances surrounding his/her birth. To demonstrate your eligibility, you need to provide proof of your relationship to an Omani citizen, such as a birth certificate or other relevant documentation establishing parentage. This proof is necessary to demonstrate eligibility for citizenship based on descent from an Omani national.

Additionally, a minor child born to an Omani mother and a foreign father may be granted Omani citizenship by descent. The eligibility criteria refer to multiple factors, such as the marital status of the mother. This is a more complex situation and is recommended to seek assistance from our team if you wish to immigrate to Oman.

Please note that if you hold citizenship in another country and wish to acquire citizenship by descent, you would be required to renounce your current citizenship to become solely a citizen of Oman. This is because dual citizenship in Oman is not allowed. Our immigration lawyers in Oman can help you in this case.

Reaquiring Omani citizenship

An Omani national who voluntarily renounced his/her nationality and acquired citizenship in another country can regain his/her Omani citizenship. Our Omani immigration specialists will explain this process and requirements:

  • The person must be residing in Oman or returning to Oman and declare his/her wish to settle there.
  • He/she must have good conduct and character.
  • He/she must not have been convicted of any crime or offense in breach of trust or honor unless they were exonerated.
  • He/she must not be suffering from contagious diseases.
  • He/she must declare in writing his/her wish to renounce the citizenship of the other country and submit legal evidence proving that he/she has the right to do so.

Additionally, minor children have the right to reacquire Omani citizenship, provided that the law of the foreign country allows them to renounce their foreign citizenship. We remind you that dual citizenship in Oman is not allowed.

Children who lost their Omani citizenship because their father renounced his own Omani citizenship, have the right to reclaim Omani citizenship. However, once they turn eighteen, they have five years to initiate the process of reclaiming their Omani citizenship.

Our team offers full support in moving to Oman. For those with at least one Omani parent seeking nationality, we advise reaching out to our team for more information on obtaining Omani citizenship through descent.

We also help individuals looking to obtain residency by investment in Oman.

Application for Omani citizenship in 2024

Applications for Omani citizenship will be submitted through the Sultanate’s Ministry of Interior.

If the application is successful and citizenship is granted, the individual must visit the Ministry of Interior to complete the process and obtain an Omani passport.

Newly naturalized citizens of Oman must not spend more than six months abroad, during the first ten years after acquiring citizenship. The only exception is by obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Interior.

Please note the Ministry of Interior has the authority to reject citizenship applications without the obligation to provide a specific justification.

Our team can give you more specific details if you wish to immigrate to Oman in 2024. We also guide individuals looking for an Omani visa for Italian citizens.

Statistics about immigration in Oman

Foreigners interested in learning more about immigration in Oman can find these statistics useful. They refer to the country’s population and the proportion of foreign nationals, as well as other statistical data:

  • In 2022, the total number of expatriate workers in Oman (on the national labor market) amounted to 1.8 million;
  • The percentage of Omanis out of the total population in 2022 was 58.1%;
  • The number of employees in the public sector was 407,494 and the percentage of Omanis working in government institutions and other public sector institutions in 2022 was 89.2%;
  • The percentage of seats held by women in national parliaments, as well as women members in single or lower chambers of national parliaments (as a percentage of all seats), was 9.8% in 2022;
  • In January 2024, Oman’s total population was estimated at 5,164,000.

If you are interested in learning more about Omani citizenship, please contact our immigration lawyers. We can also assist in other legal matters, such as company formation in Oman.