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Buy a Property in Oman

Buy a Property in Oman

Foreign nationals who wish to buy a property in Oman are permitted to make the purchase, provided that they meet certain conditions for the type of property that acquire. Real estate purchases are subject to restrictions in certain areas. The requirements for buying a house in Muscat are briefly outlined in this article by our lawyers in Oman. The fact that foreign investors are permitted to own property in Oman is an important step towards promoting foreign investments, and also one that opens certain possibilities to foreign entrepreneurs.

 Quick Facts  
 Can foreigners buy properties in Oman? Generally yes. Area restrictions apply, and conditions can be in place. 

 Types of properties in Oman

Townhouses, villas, apartments, commercial spaces etc. 

Real estate agent use 

Commonly yes 

 Real estate agent fees in Oman  Commission is typically in the range of 5% of the home sale or rent price.
 Land ownership for foreign nationals in Oman

In some cases, and subject to conditions. 

 Deed registration


 Relevant Omani agencies for property matters

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, Real Estate Registry 

Provisional agreement 

Can be used 

 Initial deposit

Varies according to the agreement with the seller. 

Property due diligence  Always advisable. Our lawyers in Oman can assist you. 
 Mandatory representation by an Omani lawyer

 Not mandatory, however, highly advisable.

 Property purchase fees and other costs

Stamp duty, at 3% of the value of the sale, lawyer’s fees, as well as real estate agent fees (varying amounts). 

 Reasons to buy property in Oman

 A growing economy, a low tax regime, increase in tourism in the area, and opportunities in the Gulf region.

 Assistance for individual buyers

Conveyancing, property due diligence, legal representation.

 Assistance for corporate buyers Complete legal counsel and representation. 

Whether you wish to buy an apartment in Muscat or want to rent one, if you plan to move to Oman, our local lawyers can answer your questions. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if your situation is not covered by our answers below.

Can foreign nationals buy property in Oman?

Yes, foreign nationals are now permitted to own real estate through a ministerial directive. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning issued the directive and also described the conditions for certain types of real estate investments that can lead to residency.

Until the release of the official decree, foreign nationals were only permitted to own real estate in integrated tourism complexes. Buying property in Oman for expats can be simplified when working with our local attorneys who specialize in real estate transactions.

What are the conditions to buy an apartment in Muscat?

If you are a foreign national interested in Omani immigration, you may consider purchasing a property instead of renting one. If you want to buy an apartment in Oman and have questions, our team will answer them according to your nationality and your particular situation.

The main condition is for the property to have a value of at least OMR 250,000 (approximately USD 649,823). Two categories of ownership are defined:

  • First-class in case of property purchases of more than OMR 500,000;
  • Second-class property purchases between OMR 250,000 and OMR 500,000 (about USD 1,299,647).

Our lawyers in Oman can give you more details about the conditions to acquire properties within these two tiers of ownership.

Required documents to buy a property in Oman

Our lawyers in Oman will present to you some of the general documents that foreigners are required to present in order to buy a property:

  • passport/ID and labor card copies (for those working in Oman);
  • commercial registration for legal entities;
  • declaration of family members and their addresses;
  • statement of properties owned in Oman (if applicable).

Additionally, female foreigners who wish to buy a property in Oman are required to have:

  • legal affidavit of social status;
  • copies of their father’s passport/ID;
  • certificate of employment or non-employment;
  • marriage certificate copy.

In case you wish to immigrate to Oman and buy a property there, our team can be of assistance.

Can I become a resident if I buy a house in Muscat?

The ministerial directive issued by Dr Khalfan bin Saeed Al Shuaily, Minister of Housing and Urban Planning is focused on granting residency rights to foreign nationals who purchase property. Foreigners who buy an apartment in Oman are permitted to choose the type of property they purchase based on the tier in which they are included, according to the value of their real estate investment:

  • Those who make a first-class investment (with a value of OMR 500,000 or more) can purchase residential, commercial, or industrial properties;
  • Foreign nationals who can make a second-class investment (between OMR 250,000 and OMR 500,000) are permitted to purchase residential properties;
  • Expatriates who are not able to meet the minimum investment requirements will only be permitted to purchase units within existing integrated tourism complexes (ITC).

Foreigners who buy an ITC in Oman can apply for a residence permit for themselves and their immediate family members. To buy a property in Oman and receive the residence permit, you must follow these steps:

  • Submit the application to the Royal Oman Police;
  • Provide names, nationalities, and addresses of family members;
  • Provide relevant supporting documents;
  • Pay the issuance fee.

Obtaining the resident permit usually takes 7 working days. The residence permit is valid for two years and can be renewed for as long as you own the property.

If you wish to move to Oman and gain a residence permit through investment, our team can offer more details and support about the process.

Foreign investors should also keep in mind that they can buy a house in Muscat only in some areas. The Governorates of Musandam or Buraimi are amongst the areas in which property ownership by non-Omanis is not permitted.

Home loans for foreigners

Foreigners can buy a property in Oman and finance their investment through a home loan from an Omani bank or an international one. Please note that each bank has its own policies and criteria regarding the loans available to foreigners.

Generally, you can borrow up to 80% of the value of your desired property as a foreigner. The repayment period can be extended for maximum 25 years. Interest rates will depend on your nationality, credit history, and property value. The minimum interest rate for mortgages is around 7%.

Our team can help you explore your mortgage options to buy an apartment in Oman.

Statistics about real estate in Oman

Those interested in immigrating to Oman by investing in real estate can find the following statistics interesting. The information showcases that Oman is an attractive destination for real estate investments, especially for residential properties:

  • The real estate market in Oman is anticipated to achieve a value of 324.60 USD billion by the end of 2024;
  • The total estimated value of residential properties in Oman in 2023 was 228.50 billion US dollars;
  • The total estimated value of commercial properties in Oman in 2023 was 84.42 billion US dollars;
  • In 2023, there were 0.92 million residential properties sold in Oman.

Our immigration lawyers in Oman can assist you if your goal is to move here. We provide immigration assistance according to your chosen relocation route (through employment, for business purposes, or real estate investment purposes).

Our lawyers also assist foreign investors interested in setting up a company in Oman. You can reach out to us if you have questions about the steps needed to register a local company or to open a branch.

Contact our team if you need more details about buying property in Oman for expats. Our real estate lawyers will guide you through the essential steps and will assist with conveyancing, and any other legal issues.