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We are a team of lawyers in Oman offering services to both corporate and individual clients. We specialize in commercial and corporate law, as well as civil law and labour law. We assist clients who deal with various business issues, who are in the process of starting a company, just as well as those who have questions about alternative dispute resolution methods available in their case, such as arbitration. We also answer questions related to immigration to Oman.

 Quick Facts  
Commercial litigation assistance from our lawyers in Oman

– business disputes involving breach of contract,

– shareholder disputes,

– international trade matters,

– IP litigation,

–  anti-trust,

– unfair competition and others

Company formation in Oman

– complete assistance for company formation in Oman,

– legal counsel on business options, licensing and compliance


Assistance with banking and financial matters, cross-border banking and financial issues, corporate finance, etc.

Contract law

– drafting and reviewing contracts for various purposes and for use in all business sectors,

– contract law disputes

Employment in Oman

– drafting of employment agreement,

– restructuring and dismissal,

– hiring foreign employees in Oman,

– employment disputes,

– redundancy and others

International investments 

– mergers and acquisitions,

– opening branches and subsidiaries in Oman,

– special assistance for foreign investors

Tax matters

– complete corporate tax compliance for businesses,

– legal advice on indirect tax, customs and other matters

Insolvency Legal advice on restructuring and insolvency as well as for bankruptcy matters
Intellectual property

– trademark applications and oppositions,

– patents and designs applications,

– IP rights enforcement,

– copyright infringement issues

Debt recovery with the help of our lawyers in Oman

– effective debt recovery strategies according to the needs of our clients,

– in and out of court debt collection

Property lawyers in Oman 

– legal assistance for real estate investors in Oman.

– information on the new law permitting foreign investors to own property in Oman

Individual employment

– assistance for individuals who were subject to unfair dismissal, workplace harassment or discrimination.

– employment contract review,

– employee rights lawyer

Civil litigation

– property matters,

– insurance and intellectual property rights,

– contractual disputes

Divorce and family law in Oman

– divorce in Oman,

– international divorce,

– child custody,

– asset division,

– wills

Immigration lawyers in Oman

– visa application guidance,

– resident sponsored and unsponsored visas,

– family joining visas applications,

– Oman permanent residency

Our team provides services for Sharia lawsuits. We offer legal counseling in matters concerning wills, divorce, and children, as well as legal representation in the court.

You can read below more about some of our main services. If you have questions about our areas of practice and fees, please reach out to us for an initial consultation.

Services for company formation in Oman

An important part of our activity in the Sultanate of Oman is related to business setup and registration. Foreign and local investors and entrepreneurs can rely on our help and expertise throughout the entire process needed for company formation in Oman. Our attorneys are also able to handle part of the business issues on the behalf of our clients when this is mandated through a power of attorney.

Our lawyers in Oman can help business owners with matters concerning:

  • Tax law: knowing what are the applicable taxes for companies and understanding the tax laws is essential; our tax lawyers can answer your questions;
  • Debt collection: our team provides services for companies who wish to recover outstanding debts;
  • Employment: recruiting staff in Oman and observing the local labour law rules is essential for business owners; our team helps you with matters related to employment contracts as well as other matters;
  • Intellectual property: we assist investors who wish to register trademarks, parents, design, copyrights or domain names with the Intellectual Property Department.

Part of our team specializes in setting up a company in Oman. We assist investors throughout the registration process, as soon as they decide to open a company and wish to choose a suitable business form. We can help you with:

  1. Checking the company name availability: choosing a trade name and reserving it with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is the first step when opening a company in Oman; our team will help you prepare the documents for registration and follow any applicable special conditions for the trade name;
  2. Drawing up the documents for company formation in Oman: the company trade name proof of registration, together with other relevant documents such as the company’s constitutive documents are drawn up with the help of our team and prepared for submission;
  3. Registering the company: our lawyers in Oman assist investors who wish to submit their applications with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for the purpose of
  4. Applying for permits and licenses: we assist those who need to apply for industrial licenses, mining licenses, import licenses as well as many more.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our attorneys if you have questions about any of these services related to setting up a company in Oman. We also assist foreign companies that wish to set up their presence in the Sultanate of Oman through a branch. Our team can also give you details about the laws concerning corporate mergers and acquisitions.

Immigrate to Oman with the help of our lawyers

Most foreign nationals traveling to Oman for business or other purposes will require a visa. At this time, nationals of 103 countries are exempt from entry visa applications when remaining in the country for up to 14 days. The list of exempted countries includes countries from the EU, Australia, India, South Africa, the United States, Russia, and Turkey. Visa-free entry for the 14 day period is subject to certain conditions, such as showing the hotel booking and travel insurance. Citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council are exempt from the visa requirement when entering Oman.

For those foreign nationals looking to remain in the country for long-term purposes, we can help them immigrate to Oman whether it is for the purpose of running a business, seeking employment or reuniting with a family member who is already lawfully living in the Sultanate.

Discussing specific matters with our immigration lawyers in Oman can be helpful before starting the process.

Our Oman immigration specialist lawyers can answer questions concerning:

  • apply for a visa for short-term purposes, such as the tourist visa, the visa for artists or for official visits, and others;
  • apply for a business or investment visa; investors can then immigrate to Oman;
  • apply for a work visa, understand and observe the requirements in force (such as those applicable for the sponsor);
  • renew or register the residence permit; this is essential for the overall process related to immigration to Oman.

You can also reach out to our lawyers in Oman if you have questions about the family joining visa, the one that allows the individual to reunite with spouse and children. Specific requirements for the expatriate spouse apply in this case and working with our attorneys will help you understand these.

We remind those interested in applying for the various types of visas available for Oman immigration that certain fees are to be paid. Some examples are listed below:

  • 30 OMR for the family joining visa;
  • 20 OMR for the work visa;
  • 50 OMR for failure to renew the permits as needed.

These fees can be subject to change. Working with us for the purpose of Oman immigration will allow you to have access to updated information as well as legal assistance tailored to your needs.

Our team is ready to assist you if you are ready to move to Oman, just as well as when you have questions about employment, registering a foreign investment company, applying for a specific license for your business, or registering your vessel.

Contact our immigration lawyers in Oman for more information about our services.


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